How Many Types of Business Signs Are There?

Business signs are an effective way to get the attention of potential customers, bring in passing trade and ensure your brand is easily-recognisable. There are a lot of different types of business signs available, all of which have different advantages and work in different ways. 

To find the right sign for different types of businesses, different locations and for different purposes, you need to understand what sign options you have. This is because there are a lot of factors that can affect the effectiveness of a sign.

So what types of signs are there to help make your business more visible? Here are some of the most common types of business signs and how they can be beneficial.

Fascia Signs

One of the most common types of business signs, fascia signs are positioned above entrances to grab attention and attract customers.

Most often used above shops, they can be small or large, take up the whole length of a building, go around corners and so much more. There is a lot that you can do with a fascia sign, both in terms of your branding and to make sure your business stands out from others around it. 

Fascia signs are also easy to make cohesive across different premises, which is ideal for chain stores or restaurants. This can help with brand recognition and ensure that each premises delivers the same look and feel.

Monument Signs

Monument signs – also known as monolith signs – are external, freestanding signs. They sit close to the ground with little or no space between the sign and the floor. This solid type of sign, is long-lasting and weather-resistant, making it ideal for most environments and various types of business. 

Generally, monument signs are positioned outside of a business so they are easy to spot if you’re walking or driving past. The fact that they provide a direct line of sight means they can help differentiate your business from others in the area and easily showcase where drivers need to pull in. 

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are another form of architectural signage that are positioned outside of businesses. Unlike monument signs though, pylon signs tend to be much taller so they are visible from a distance. 

Also known as a totem sign, pylon signs can be used for different advertising purposes beyond showing where a business is located. They are commonly used at shopping centres, retail parks or industrial parks to show the different businesses that operate at a single location. 

You can use a pylon sign to get people’s attention and then use a monument sign to showcase exactly where your business is. 

Directional Signs

As the name suggests, directional signs are designed to help people find your business. They can direct customers to the right car park or make it easier to find you if you’re located in a business complex.

Essentially, they are used alongside other signs to make it as easy as possible for your customers and clients to find you. This can be an important part of the customer experience, even before a customer enters your premises. 

Wayfinding Signs

While directional signs help people find your business, wayfinding signs help them locate different areas within your business. These aren’t just used for businesses either, as schools, hospitals and more use wayfinding signs to make it easier for people to navigate around. 

Wayfinding signs can show people where the toilets are, where to find a lift, the way to the tills, point out additional seating and more. They are a hugely necessary type of sign, but should still be used to showcase your branding and business identity while being helpful.

Projecting Signs

While fascia signs are effective at signposting your business, if you’re located in a busy area – such as the high street – you may need something extra to make your premises stand out, be easy to spot and encourage those passing to pop in. 

Projecting signs stand out at a 90-degree angle from a building, which makes them easy to see as people drive or walk past. They’re often used by pubs, but can be utilised by shops, restaurants, cafes, pharmacies and more. 

Just as with fascia signs, you have a lot of options when it comes to their design and the way you express your brand. However, it’s important to remember that the signs should be instantly recognisable, so simple is usually the best way to go – especially if you’re using the same signs at multiple premises.

Built-Up Letters

A high-impact and modern approach to business signage, built-up letters look great and are highly visible. Available with or without lighting, this type of sign can provide around-the-clock advertisement and help create a stylish brand. 

Built-up letters can be used instead of fascia signs, with them and inside a business’ premises. As with pylon signs, they are highly visible although they provide the added benefit of being able to be mounted anywhere on a building. 

This type of signage provides a lot of versatility and you can ensure your business stands out in a range of locations while still maintaining a cohesive brand identity. 

Choosing The Right Business Sign

With so many different types of business signs available, it pays to plan all of your signage so that it works together and mirrors your branding. This is where we come in. 

Whether you’re creating a signage strategy for one premises or to use across multiple locations, we can help ensure all of your signs look the part and suit the individual buildings, as well as your company. We work with you to design signs that grab attention, help make life easier for your customers and fit perfectly with your brand. 

On top of this, the high quality of all GeeTee signs means they’ll stand the test of time, making them a recognisable part of your business for years to come. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.