Totems and Monoliths

Very often the first contact a business has with the public, we design totems that make a statement. From small entrance totems to large retail park entrance totems and features.

The term ‘Totem signs’ (or pylon signs) covers a lot of different styles and functions. Generally, they are tall signs fixed into the ground, made to advertise your brand and whereabouts from a distance.

Sizes can be quite small (e.g. 1.5m tall) to large (8-10m high) depending on their location. They can be used inside shops or shopping centres, or externally on retail parks, drive thru’s, fuel stations or roadside to let drivers know they are approaching.

Usually made of steel and/or aluminium due to size, they can have acrylic elements in order to make them internally illuminated signs.

Totem signs can be used for a variety of functions.

Directional signs – with actual directional information, to mark entrances, show which departments are on which floors, or show plans to let people know where they are and show what they are looking for.

Informational Signs – one of the most common uses of a totem sign is as a tenant sign, showing customers which shops are available at a retail park in a handy list. Other forms of information could be services or products provided, Menus, or even historical or brand information.

Digital Signs – they can be interactive or have other digital signage elements to create eye catching and adaptable signs to keep your customers up to date on your latest news and offers and prices.