Beginner’s Guide: What is a Monument Sign?

What are monument signs and could having one help your business? If your business is hard to find, surrounded by many other companies or in a location with little footfall, a monument sign can be a big plus. 

Monument signs – sometimes referred to as monolith signs – are large, free-standing, weather-resistant signs that sit close to ground level. They generally have little or no open space between the sign and the ground and are constructed to be solid signs that stand the test of time.

The positioning of the signs means they are easy to see if you are walking or driving past, as they provide a direct line of sight for potential customers. This is ideal for brand awareness and for making it as easy as possible for people to find your business – as well as encouraging impulse shoppers.

This style of sign also offers a lot of variety in terms of design options and features, allowing you to tie your sign in perfectly with your brand identity. As well as the messaging used, you can add to the look of your sign by choosing an interesting design that incorporates architecture with marketing. 

What is the Difference Between a Monument Sign and a Pylon Sign?

While they are both a form of architectural signage, the main difference between a monument sign and a pylon sign (also known as a totem sign) is their height. While monument signs are close to the ground, pylon signs tend to be taller. This means that pylon signs can be seen from a distance and are used for broader advertising purposes, while monument signs are generally found near business entrances. 

Pylon signs are often used for shopping centres to show the various businesses operating in the area, at industrial sites or along busy sections of road. They can be used alongside monument signs to fully signpost your company’s location.

If you want a sign that can be incorporated into the surrounding area but still stand out enough to announce your business, a monument sign is a perfect option. In comparison, pylon signs may not suit the area or may be subject to planning permissions due to their height, so there are added considerations. 

How Can I Improve my Monument Signage?

If you have an existing monument sign, you might consider updating it to make it look fresher or to ensure it fits with your current branding. It may be that you have inherited a sign from a business that previously operated on the premises, in which case, you’ll want to get the right details added as soon as possible. 

Whatever your reason for updating your monument sign, you’ll want to consider these tips:

  • Keep it simple: You want the information on your sign to be as visible and easy to understand as possible. Keeping the messaging simple and minimal is the best way to do this. Busy signs will be hard to read, especially for those driving. 
  • Create contrast: A great way to make your sign stand out simply is contrast. Choosing contrasting colours for the background and writing will ensure your business name is clear and easy to read.
  • Look at the area: Where is your monument sign and what’s around it? If a lot is competing for attention in the area of your sign, you’ll need to make sure it stands out.
  • Make it match: People seeing your sign should then see the same style of design when they enter your business. All of your branding should be clear and cohesive so people know they are in the right place. 
  • Light it up: Brand awareness doesn’t just happen 9-5. To get the most out of your monument sign, you should consider lighting it up to improve visibility at all times of the day.
  • Look at the structure: It isn’t just the sign that may need an update, you might find that the structure no longer suits your business. Updating the materials used or their colour can instantly improve your monument sign.

How Much Does a Monument Sign Cost?

Because monument signs provide so many options in terms of design, their cost depends on an individual business’ needs and the overall design. They are usually designed as permanent or semi-permanent structures, meaning they are built to last, which is reflected in their price.

There is a wide variety of materials that can be used in their construction, so the material you choose will have a large impact on the cost. Some materials are more cost-effective while others come with a more premium price tag. It is also worth noting that the materials you choose will affect the way your business sign looks.

On top of this, they can either be lighted for extra visibility at night or left unlighted if in a well-lit area. You could also opt for a digital display, which will come with extra costs in terms of making the sign and its installation. 

With so many options for the design of your monument sign, you want to ensure that you are working with a company that will understand your branding and the message you want to put across with your signage. The permanent design of this style of sign means that it will be in use for a long time, so it is worth investing in a look that works for your company.