Projecting Signs

A great way to stand out on the high street, they can add individuality to a shop, pub or restaurant.

Projecting Signs or Projection Signs are fixed to a wall or fascia sign, perpendicular to the line of the building. As such, it gives maximum visibility to customers approaching from either side of your property. Projecting signs are therefore usually the most effective kind of signage you can have – especially on busy streets or inside shopping centres.


The sky is pretty much the limit for the design of projecting signs. Key considerations being fixing grounds, weight and correct depth for perfect illumination, after which any design or style can be adopted. Projecting signs don’t even need to have your logo on them to draw customers in. Large brands can use something iconic, such as the Mickey Mouse sign we designed for Disney Stores. If a customer is searching for a particular type of business, you could use a symbol for that type of business – such as the cross for Boots Pharmacies.

Projecting signs can be a great choice for heritage sites – they are a traditional type of sign and can be made in traditional materials with a look to match the age of the building.

They can also be used effectively as internal wayfinding signs – for example showing the public where the toilets are along a narrow corridor.


Projecting signs can be made out of most materials, as long as they are properly supported. Usually we would make projecting signs out of aluminium, steel, acrylic, timber or a combination of those materials.

Projecting signs have a range of illumination options – illuminated internally they can be fully illuminated or face or edge lit, or feature push though acrylic letters or a range of options of built up letters. Externally lit is usually by trough light, either on top of the sign or underneath as an uplighter.