Digital Signage

Traditionally we have worked with your physical brand in stores and restaurants. We have learned that screens can complement your physical brand and signage and play a big role in how existing and potential customers perceive your business and brand.
With a well-thought-through fusion of physical and digital signage, you can serve up innovative, stand-out content staying relevant and catching your customer’s needs.
You can focus content to the most specific locations and times of day to optimise impact to different audiences.

Understanding Your Needs

We will work with you to understand the screen objectives, the environment it sits in, and the audience you wish to engage with. With our experience, we focus on the three-axis of digital screens

  1. The Environment the screen is operating in; A window, exterior, in-store, or directional.
  2. The main objective for the screen; to inform, promote, directional, or in some cases working with a third party.
  3. The Content; Brand led, active (fast-paced), slow and subtle, or offer led.

We help customers to understand the benefit of screens and the impact getting it right can have on your brand and or campaign. We will work with you to assess your return on investment before any project or rollout.

Expert Design Service

Once we have worked with you to fully understand your needs, we move on to designing and agreeing on your creative content. Working with you we will produce eye-catching content that will be optimized and bespoke to your choice of screens.

Our designers know that content is pivotal in the success of any screen solution you choose. Our creative and media team use proven techniques to create engaging content with the right amount of movement for the objective and environment.

Professional Hardware & Installation

We like to plug and play, it’s that simple with GeeTee. Working with the leading suppliers of hardware, we will orchestrate a seamless execution of the installation and relentless testing and support for your screens, delivering you return on investment all day every day.

We have been installing signs for over 30 years. Our nationwide team of qualified and experienced installation engineers will work with you and your teams to ensure a high-quality installation with a seamless on-time service, every time. We will coordinate with other trades and project managers to guarantee coordinated success and complete peace of mind throughout the entire project.

Content Managment System

Our system will power everything from a single sign to a large video wall. Driven by the objective, it’s the right content at the right time to the right place. Our CMS system seamlessly manages all the links in the chain for digital signage solutions, including content scheduling and uploading, content playback, remote monitoring, and support.


High Vibrance Panel

Making sure you always get noticed. In any setting and environment.

Resistant to Blackening

Delivering consistent messaging all day every day.

Designed for Brightly Lit Spaces

Making sure your message stands our whatever the environment.

Narrow Bezel

This stylish screen will complement any store design and concept.

Plug and Play

Ready to go when you are, from day one you will be displaying and promoting.

Media Player

Programmed for the right message and objective at the right time of day.

Wide Viewing Angle

Allowing the screen to be seen from across the room without issue.

24/7 Usage

The screen will be working for you all the time and able to display different content throughout the day.

Digital Menus & Kiosks


Interactive Touch Screen

Improving your customer service with easy-to-use touch and order & pay screens.

Engaging Digital Menu Boards

A real opportunity to morph your message and menus throughout the day. The interactive nature of this display will allow you full flexibility.

Easy to Use

Dynamic and in the moment content makes the screen relevant and easy for us to program in any way that works best for you.


Most of our customers require different messages on their screens at different times of day which we can easily schedule a program just for you.

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