3 Ways To Make Your Signage Stand Out In A Retail Park

Retail parks are busy places with lots of shops and restaurants for you to contend with. From the minute customers enter a retail park, they are bombarded with advertisements and displays aiming to get their attention. This is why it’s important to ensure that your signage is designed to stand out from the crowd while still representing your brand. 

This doesn’t mean you need loads of flashy signage, instead, it’s all about where your signs are located, what they say and how visible they are. Here’s exactly how to make your signage stand out in a retail park.

1. Be visible throughout the park

Visibility is key in a retail park, so you need to ensure that you have signs located at key points throughout the location. This means signage like totems at each entrance, a pole sign (if possible) to ensure you’re visible from a distance, fascias or built-up letters to make sure people know where you’re located and directional signs to make navigation easy. 

All of these signs should be cohesive in their design so they are easily recognisable as belonging to your brand. They should also be clear and concise, avoiding wordy messaging or complex designs that may look confusing from a distance.

While you’re likely to be restricted slightly by retail park rules when it comes to size, you should also make sure that they are clear and easily visible from a distance, as well as when people are outside the retail park in order to attract customers. 

2. Make window signage eye-catching

Visibility throughout the retail park is important but you can need more to encourage people to come into your store or restaurant compared to your competitors. This is where your window signage comes in. 

Showcasing offers, branded messages and reasons to enter your business are important and your window signage helps with this. Keeping your window signs fresh and interesting is key, especially if they are the main part of your window display. 

Digital signage can really help with this as you can program it to display several messages over the course of the day, include video and be reactive to footfall or current events. Digital signage is also clearly visible at all times of day, making it ideal for all weathers and seasons. 

You can easily manage the messaging shown on your digital signs, giving you complete control and removing the need for manual removal of out-of-date signage. You can showcase offers, new products, key menu items and more, all of which help to encourage people to walk through your door. 

3. Lighting and colour

Choosing colours that reflect your branding is important, but you also need to ensure they stand out from the crowd. If your signage is using the same or similar colours to other businesses in the retail park, this can cause confusion and make it difficult for you to be seen. 

Your signs should feature strong colours that people can instantly recognise as belonging to your brand. They should be designed to stand out against each other to ensure your brand name can be read easily and from a distance. Understanding the colour theory of signs can help you achieve this. 

As well as bold colours, you also need to consider the lighting you use. Again, you may be slightly restricted by retail park rules, but using lighting to increase visibility at all times of the day is key to attracting customers in a busy environment. 

You should ensure that lighting is used to illuminate all of your signs, from totems to fascias, so they are bright and easy to spot. The type of lighting you use will depend on the overall effect you want to create, but our helpful blog on choosing the right lighting for signs can help. 

Talk to the experts

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