Why is Acrylic Used for Signs?

Why is Acrylic Used for Signs? 

Acrylic signs are seen across the UK and beyond – they have become the go-to for businesses searching for quality signs to stand out from the crowd.

Used for interior and exterior signage, acrylic signs grab attention and provide a durable signage solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Signs?

Perhaps the most important benefit of using acrylic signs is its versatility, closely followed by its durability. Acrylic office signs, for instance, can be used both inside and outside the building to create a unified and professional look for a company.

Plus, an acrylic shop sign will generally last longer than signs made from other materials, so they represent an investment over the longer-term instead of installing an inferior plastic signboard and then having to replace it within a year.

Other benefits of acrylic signs include:

  • They are highly customisable 
  • Almost endless illumination options
  • They are lightweight 
  • They are easy to install 
  • They look professional and attractive 

Ultimately, businesses will find acrylic a useful signage material for everything from office door plaques up to a water-resistant sign for outdoor use. 

Can Acrylic Signs be Painted? 

Acrylic signs can be custom painted by your manufacturer to match the exact branding of a business or a marketing campaign. This is usually undertaken with a professional atomiser gun to provide a consistent finish across the sign.

An alternative to painting the acrylic sign directly is to apply a coloured vinyl to it instead to create a bespoke sign with a durable acrylic base. 

How Strong is 3mm Acrylic? 

Acrylic office signs can be up to ten times more durable than comparable glass office signs, and it is shatter resistant. While glass can be considered a risky outdoor sign material due to uncontrollable weather incidents, acrylic signs are more likely to withstand minor impact and be a durable addition to your building.

Generally, the thicker the acrylic, the stronger it would be.

What is the Best Thickness for Signs? 

The general rule is that the thicker the acrylic sign is, the stronger it is. Yet, in many circumstances, the level of strength offered by the thickest acrylic office signs, for example, simply isn’t necessary.

Often, businesses looking at acrylic signs UK wide will choose from 3mm and 6mm acrylic. These two options cover most eventualities, with the thicker 6mm sign working well as an outdoor acrylic shop sign or something similar. 

How is an LED Acrylic Sign Made?

LED acrylic signs are a modern alternative to traditional neon signage which provides a glass effect and allows maximum light diffraction. What this means in practice is that the LEDs used to light the sign allow for a bolder sign, and often a more attractive one too.

To make LED acrylic signs, the desired shape is cut from the acrylic before the letters or shape is hollowed out to accommodate the LEDs. Some businesses choose to then round the sharper edges of the acrylic to look more like traditional neon signs, but others will opt to keep the sharp edges.

After this, the shapes can be powder coated or vinyl can be attached to achieve the right colour and the LEDs are inserted into the inside edge of the sign, backed by acrylic or aluminium to protect the LEDs.

As an alternative to neon, then, acrylic signs are a brilliant way of capturing attention with low energy LEDs and a quality acrylic base. 

How Do You Waterproof an Outdoor Sign? 

Acrylic as a material is highly weather-resistant, and this is the one of the reasons why businesses often turn to it as a water-resistant sign material.

One of the main things to remember, however, is that water resistant paint or vinyl must be used to apply any colours to the acrylic sign, or the colours of the acrylic could be compromised. In fact, it’s usually the colour which weathers more than the acrylic itself. 

How is an Acrylic Sign Installed?

An acrylic sign should be installed carefully, although the process to install one in most locations is fairly simple.

Two people are needed to install an acrylic sign and accompanying mount safely, along with basic tools such as a screwdriver, level, ruler and a drill.

Alternatively, some acrylic signs are installed using standoff bolts to give the sign the impression of floating away from the wall or by using a strong adhesive. 

Is Acrylic Better than Plexiglass for Signs?

Acrylic and plexiglass are actually the same material, with plexiglass used as a colloquial term to describe acrylic signs. It’s common for businesses searching for office door signs UK wide to be confused by the interchangeability of these terms, but acrylic signs and plexiglass signs are the same. 

What are the Cons of Acrylic Signs?

All signage materials have downsides, even when they are as versatile and durable as acrylic.

For example, acrylic signs may scratch more easily than comparable glass options, although it is actually easier to restore acrylic than glass by polishing – sandpaper or other rough materials should never be used to treat damage to acrylic signs.

Acrylics can also be stained easily by oil and grease. Again, however, these can be cleaned easily using water and a mild detergent without causing damage to the acrylic itself.

As an alternative to glass, acrylic is certainly more expensive upfront, yet it is a durable solution for the long-term when you’re looking at any type of sign, whether you’re installing internal office door signs or outdoor retail signage. 

What is the Best Material for an Outdoor Sign? 

Thanks to its weather-resistant qualities and its durability, acrylic is one of the best materials for an outdoor sign. With the ability to install LEDs in acrylic signs, the attractive benefits of neon signs can be replicated with a durable material, allowing businesses to advertise effectively over the long term. 

Should You Choose Acrylic Signs for Your Business?

Acrylic signs are a great choice for businesses of all types. Whether you’re looking for a water-resistant sign for outdoor use or striking office door plaques, the right acrylic sign can be a worthwhile investment for your company.